On July 9, 2018 the Bedford School Board (BSB) held a meeting on bullying and Bedford’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) results.

Hannah and her Mother Ann Howard brought forth their “I Got Your Back” (IGYB) program. A Manchester’s 5th grader’s suicide a couple of weeks before the meeting made this discussion exceptionally hard hitting. The Governor was a special speaker acknowledging the seriousness of the realities.

The Chair asked for public comment. No one raised his or her hand. Candidate Linda Rea Camarota, a former BSB member, addressed the Board. That testimony is included in the BCTV link below.

In the first 40 minutes you will view the IGYB presentation, Governor Chris Sununu’s talk, and Linda’s public comments.

BSB Meeting on Bullying

After the first 40 minutes, you will hear the Superintendent share Bedford’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey’s troubling results.

Bedford’s YRBS results are linked HERE.

Linked slide picture includes from left to right: Rep. Mike Moffett, Rep. Laurie Sanborn, Rep. Dan Hynes (Candidate for Senate), Candidate Linda Camarota, Governor Chris Sununu, Rep. Linda Gould, Rep. John Graham, Rep. Howard Pearl, Rep. Greg Hill.