I am a registered nurse and NH teacher. Prior to teaching high school students, I was a rehabilitation nurse working mainly with young trauma victims with spinal cord and brain injuries. For several years, I was charge nurse of the Chronic Pain Unit, caring for failed surgical patients addicted to pain medications. As a registered nurse with an UNH Public Health Graduate Certificate, I am well versed in the COVID pandemic and its impact on NH residents.

As a new parent, I established Medical Legal Consultants working to help attorneys and insurance carriers fully understand their clients’ medical complexities. This enabled me to be an “at home Mom.”

I was a Bedford School Board (BSB) member for 3 years while our children were in school. Among other things, I advocated for accountability, local control, parental informed consent, and parental access to curricula. The Health curricula K-8 was no longer sprinkled throughout all grades thus inaccessible to parents in advance. The BSB made it policy that Health curricula must be accessible to parents prior to lesson delivery, if parents requested. Transparency prevailed. Local v. federal control was advocated as well as addressing unfunded mandates. I worked with Senator Sheila Roberge to pass a bill giving parents the right to view the mandated NH Assessment exams. I sat on the NH Department of Education committee to help develop the NH Assessment exam questions to ensure academic rigor.

Four years of school nursing helped me be engaged in the work force and still be home when the kids got home from elementary school. Then, I was fortunate to teach for 17 years at a local public school preparing high school students for a career of choice in the medical field. I loved every moment. Now, I want to serve both Bedford citizens and the great state of New Hampshire.

I am a long time Constitutional Conservative and Republican. I am pro-life. I believe in local control, limited government and transparency.

My husband, Michael, and I have resided in Bedford for the past 30+ years. As a parent, I strive to protect children and, in that mission, I strongly advocate for parental rights. As a medical professional, I believe in protecting citizens’ privacy rights, including school-aged children. School safety is of special interest to me. I was on my high school’s Safety Committee for many years. I have attended the Annual Emergency Preparedness Conference to learn from the experts how to be proactive as it relates to school safety. Each year, sessions covered how to respond in instances such as an active shooter.

I also want to be a voice for Bedford Senior citizens. I believe that folks who have contributed to a town for decades should be able to afford to remain in that community, if they wish. There is value in a balanced budget. Our government needs to live within its means. I do not support any broad based taxes such as income or sales taxes.

I honor our veterans and will advocate for respectful, fair and responsive treatment. Veterans should be allowed to receive the best care close to home rather than be forced to go out of state to a Veterans’ hospital.

The Second Amendment is an American right. Responsible gun ownership is necessary to protect our families and to ensure protection from an overzealous government.

I am retired from full time employment and hope to serve you in Concord. I will be responsive to your concerns and actively involved during all voting sessions.

Please help my campaign by talking to your Bedford neighbors and friends. Remind them of the important September 7, 2021 Special Election voting date. It will make all the difference if we all go out and vote for the best candidate. I will work for you and your family. Please vote for Camarota on September 7, 2021. Thank you!

Donations are welcome. Please send to:

Linda Rea Camarota for State Rep
16 Weymouth Drive
Bedford, NH 03110