Representative Deborah Hobson

Vote Camarota in Bedford’s September 7th Special Election

Linda Camarota and I met at an education forum during our first campaigns for State Representative in 2018. I was excited to meet her and invited her to sit down next to me. We were both running for State Representative for the first time. A strong friendship formed. We shared resources and links that helped us prepare to be better legislative servants. It was a whirlwind experience but I was happily surprised to find her at the New Representative’s Orientation. We had both been successful in our campaigns!

We took the oath of office to uphold the Constitution. Legislation began to work its way to the House and we had our first “House Session” in the New Hampshire House of Representatives Chamber. The tradition and beauty of this room and those who have served before us, was simply breathtaking. The portraits of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Daniel Webster are just some of the icons that hang on the walls of Representatives Hall. As 400 of us filed into the chamber to find our seats, mine was 4-36. I was pleasantly surprised to find my good friend Representative Linda Camarota sitting right next to me in 4-37! We discussed the constitutionality of each legislation, provided different opinions and resources, and shared the occasional laugh with the antics in Reps Hall. Linda was the constant, caring friend, and nurse to all in the House. Linda has integrity, is dedicated, and, above all, constitutional. Perfect traits for all state representatives to emulate.

Linda Camarota, RN, being a former Republican legislator and Bedford school board member, a wife and mother, and a high school teacher gives her a great advantage. There will be no learning curve. I endorse Linda because she is genuine and objective in decisions affecting her constituents. The people of Bedford are fortunate to have Linda running for the vacant seat in the exceptionally qualified assembly of Bedford Representatives. I’m saving her a seat. Vote September 7th for Linda Camarota.

Representative Deborah Hobson
Rockingham County – District 35
East Kingston, NH 03827-2132